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It is simple to get started. All you need is a computer with a windows operating system, remote access software like PC anywhere on the machine, an antivirus program, and a reliable high-speed connection to the Internet. You would also need to create an access to the broadcast on your web site with a "listen live" button. We provide the instructions for installing the button with the proper address to point it to (it's very easy to set up). We remotely enable and manage the service by accessing your system. Once you are ready, our end takes less than 15 minutes to test the system and go live.

Our streaming service is very economical. Our standard service agreement accommodates most stations, and gives you and your listeners technical support and an unlimited number of concurrent listeners. That fee also allows you 10,000 total hours of listening time in a month.  Please contact us for more options and details.

“Just For Internet”
Broadcast Solution

We can put you on the Internet with a 24x7 Just For Internet radio station.

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